Tenant Protection Plans

Safeguard your belongings stored with us against loss or damage through our Tenant Protection Plans. Enjoy comprehensive coverage at competitively low monthly rates, starting from just $12. Opting for our Protection Plan offers a superior alternative to private insurance, as it features no deductible, covers the full replacement cost of your damaged or stolen items, and assumes responsibility for damages resulting from windstorms, roof leaks, or burst pipes. Additionally, our plan extends its protection to a wide range of items, including household and commercial goods, as well as vehicles, boats, and RVs stored within the units.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of your belongings, we require all tenants who have opted for private insurance to submit their insurance information to us. Please email your insurance details to manager@midwestindoorstorage.com at your earliest convenience. This will allow us to have all necessary documentation on file and ensure that your items are fully protected.

Coverage Amounts/Monthly Cost

  • $2,000/$12 - Recommended for a 5x5
  • $3,000/$15 - Recommended for a 5x5 or 5x10
  • $5,000/$25 - Recommended for a 5x10 or 10x10
  • $7,500/$35- Recommended for a 10x10 or 10x15
  • $10,000/$45 - Recommended for a 10x15 or 10x20
  • $15,000/$65 - Recommended for a 10x20 or 10x25
  • $20,000/$85 - Recommended for a 10x25 or larger
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Tips to Prevent Loss

  1. Secure Your Unit: Always ensure your unit is properly locked. For enhanced security, we recommend using disc or cylinder locks, which offer superior protection.
  2. Protect Against the Elements: Cover your belongings with plastic sheeting or cloths to shield them from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors.
  3. Consider What You Store: We advise against storing family heirlooms or high-value items like jewelry and furs to reduce risk.
  4. Avoid Hazardous and Flammable Materials: Ensure safety by not storing any hazardous or flammable materials, including items containing liquids, to prevent accidents and damages.